Dating japanese made fender instruments Horny girls to talk in a chat room


*I seriously recommend that you do NOT buy a Strat blind, try every single one you can and you will soon find the one that calls to you. S.) with strats, when you get one, you want another one...

*This may be a Japanese, a US or even a Mexican, thats the thing about Strats they are so inconsistent that you cannot pinpoint a year or model as they are all different. Andy Thats the cool thing about strat's, they are all a bit unique.. *My advice is jusst as the others, find and testdrive a used strat, (prefferably a USA) it is cheaper, better, and more fun/exciting...


Features 40-page color section with two-page fold out.Fender were also losing sales in Japan to Japanese guitar brands such as Tōkai, Greco and Fernandes, and the establishment of Fender Japan would benefit Fender sales in Japan as well as overseas.


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