Dating in single sex schools rural dating western australia


The first generations of educated women were products of single-sex secondary and undergraduate schools, with few exceptions (Oberlin became the country's first coed college, in 1837).

The Seven Sisters opened their doors in the last decades of the nineteenth century and evolved into a female Ivy League, educating the daughters of elites and providing social and professional mobility to some members of the middle class.

But although the first all-female academies, founded in the early 1800s, reflected a commitment to traditional gender roles, which reserved the public sphere for men, they reinforced a nascent view of women as potentially reasonable human beings -- endowed with the attributes of citizenship.

In the beginning women were educated for the sake of family and society: the new republic needed educated mothers to produce reasonable, responsible male citizens.I’ve worked in both singlesex and mixed schools, and know there are good schools of both types.


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