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This lasted for a total of two weeks..ended with Lisa breaking up with me two days before Valentines day.Now between that break up (Feb 12 1996) and my proposal (Aug 11th 2008) there was a long friendship in-between.Health related issues With aging comes many health issues which can make dating difficult for seniors.However, senior dating doesnt have to be hampered unduly by these facts of life.If so, the senior can still move around and go shopping or run errands without much help or intervention.However, if you want to provide them with additional support in this area with home senior services, there are companies that offer senior shuttles to ferry elderly to and from particular destinations.For a permanent link to this article, or to bookmark it for future reading, click here.from: As the population in the United States ages, more and more families will be faced with caring for a loved one in their home.Some of these seniors may have health issues, and others may simply be retired and need help with transportation or meals.

We kept in touch with hand written letters (not everyone had internet back then) and some phone calls. I sent her two sentence e-mails on her birthday for about four years (she also went to U of T for engineering in 2001) and we talked maybe a handful of times, despite the fact that we both lived in Victoria college.Are you over age 65, single and thinking about entering the dating world? Do you want to know the secrets and shortcuts to successful dating? Met Pietro on here a year ago (he has put his success story on too).


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    The apple tree fairy It is the tree of immortality, for youth, long life, beauty, and is also the fairy that feeds the dead.

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