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Senest til «Karlsson på taket» har vi ansatt tre unge skuespillere, hvorav to ganske ubeskrevne blad, som nå får muligheten til å prøve seg i et av Norges for tiden sterkeste ensembler.LES OGSÅ (PLUSS): Mener Trøndelag Teater ekskluderer trønderske skuespillere Jeg tror verken det er manglende oversikt over Trøndelag Teaters fortløpende rekruttering, eller irritasjonen over at én enkelt audition ble lagt til Oslo, som har motivert Ystgaard til å føre teaterdebatt.«Vi i Arbeiderpartiet synes det er viktig at man er med på å skape muligheter i regionen».Det vet Ystgaard, hvis hun tenker seg litt om, utmerket godt at Trøndelag Teater allerede gjør.Many of our largest customers have chosen Free BSD, and due to the high quality of our support and commitment to Free BSD, we have found that customers that choose Free BSD most often choose Chelsio.– Mehdi Mohtashemi, VP Engineering, Chelsio Communications Stormshield leverages off Free BSD to deliver high performance UTM (Unified Threat Management) and Next-Generation Firewall technology since 1998.– Mehdi Mohtashemi, VP Engineering, Chelsio Communications Developers that choose to colocate their servers with us also choose to install Free BSD on their dedicated servers.The open source nature of the BSD license gives them the flexibility they need to develop innovative software.


Free BSD is a foundational component of our clustered Data ONTAP storage operating system, which underpins our Data Fabric vision and drives our fast-growing AFF all-flash arrays. Technical Director, Net App Data Fabric Group Scale Engine’s small team of developers and systems administrators manage more than 100 servers in 38 data centers spread across 11 countries.The Apache Infrastructure Team frequently works directly with Free BSD developers to stress cutting-edge features like ZFS under real-world loads… Gollucci, past VP of Apache Infrastructure, Apache Software Foundation Our position provides a multitude of angles on Free BSD usage in the New York metropolitan area, from endusers exploring Free BSD for the first time to enterprise infrastructures relying on Free BSD.


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