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With Valentine’s Day this month, should expect a spike in membership thanks to lonely singles looking for love? The biggest surge and experience, she says, happens between Dec. When it comes to motivation, Cupid’s got nothing on Mom. “So many people go through the holidays, they come home alone, and their mother’s kvetching that they haven’t had someone nice to bring home,” Ginsberg says.In general, widely considered positive traits, Dan Ariely, an economist who studies online dating, refers to traits where everyone prefers the same thing as examples of “vertical preferences,” as opposed to “horizontal preferences,” when people prefer those who are similar.He also finds that horizontal preferences are more important in producing the “birds of a feather” effect.Competitor site e Harmony has cashed in on this fact for seven years.The Pasadena, Calif.-based site, which boasts 1.6 million members in the U.

In fact, the Dallas-based dating site’s 15 million-person worldwide member base had already garnered a Guinness World Record. want to cannibalize its own market share by launching spin-off site based on consumer feedback,” says Mandy Ginsberg, vice president and general manager of the site.

S., offers a thorough personality questionnaire and compatibility-matching service for members, much like the ones now provides.


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