Dating component for joomla

-- db8 Site Last Modified v2.0 [16-August-2008] --# Changed date/time format from My SQL format to the more flexible PHP strftime date/time format.

This offers the possible to display date/time in localized format (based on the selected language).

The free Joomla templates also include other essential plugins such as online chat, match finder, payment gateway and so on preloaded for immediate use.

And any plugin in the site can be uninstalled and replaced with newer versions with ease as well.

The Site Last Modified Module displays the last site modification date, based on the article (create/modified) dates in your site.

Note that it does not display any other changes, e.g. Code & for submitting bug reports: -- db8 Social Media Share J3.x v2.6 [23-December-2014] --# Added filter="raw" to mod_db8to make it possible to add HTML code to "Text before/after Date" fields.

The Zen framework that runs behind the templates ensures complete control over the site’s performance.

Confirm and reject daters on your site, check for authenticity of profiles, organize games and even post event plans and schedules from a single panel using the framework.

One is a date the user can choose from a calendar popup (1st one below), the second is a date/time stamp that the user can't change but needs to see what that last timestamp was.HD-Date is a simple plugin that inserts the current date into your Joomla website.


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