Dating colombian girls tips

Having lived in Colombia now for well over a decade I have a fair amount of experience dating Colombian women. The following is my impression of Colombian girls that I have formed over many years of living here from numerous dates and also a couple of serious relationships. It is difficult to generalise when it comes to describing Colombian girls physically since Colombia is such a racially diverse country.

In the coastal regions, for example, the majority of the people are of black descent, whereas in the area around Medellin and the coffee region the population is much whiter.

Give yourself a couple of days to understand the pack mentality that involves a night on the town. If you are planning to seriously date a Colombian, cash in on treasury bonds, life insurance and other liquid equity as you’ll be paying for everything well into retirement. Nikes may be nice for dunking, but if you wear them on a date, you’ll be bumped. Take for example the word “stupid.” In North American culture, one could easy exclaim to one’s partner: “Don’t be stupid.” It’s rather inoffensive.

Colombian girls tend to go out together in large groups to have a good time and not necessarily to pick up the quirky Gringo. If you decide to “go Dutch” on a date (never a first) you are likely looking for love on the wrong continent. Just because we are near the Equator, doesn’t mean Bermudas are cool. In Colombia Don’t tell your partner you need a new set of…pillows!

When I first came to South America as a 24-year-old backpacker one of the things I relished most was the idea of dating Latin women.

Guys from western and European countries find Latin American girls attractive.Before you get to say “I do” in Colombia, you must get to “I care.” This may sound easy when sharing martinis in the Gastro-zone.Although Bogotá may be the place of the moment, a date can go terribly wrong if you try to get to “second base” without having stepped to some salsa. It is easy to get carried away in bars and surrounded by beautiful people.As many foreign men are drawn towards the Brazilian girls for their simplicity and authentic beauty, they should know the qualities desired by these awesome ladies in their dream men, so that they may be able to please their chosen love.


The foreign men looking for a Brazilian dating or life partners should know about the nature and culture of these Latin beauties, who are more interested for gentlemen than rich guys in case of marriage.

A trip to Latin America can be enriching for anyone who loves to visit new countries.


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