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65 Ma) these lice proliferated rapidly to parasitize multiple mammalian orders and families.

The diversification time of sucking lice approximately 77 Ma is in agreement with mammalian evolutionary history: all modern mammal orders are hypothesized to have diverged by 75 Ma thus providing suitable habitat for the colonization and radiation of sucking lice.

Porphyry Copper Deposits (PCDs) are classically regarded as large upper crustal volumes of hydrothermally altered, veined and mineralized rocks centred on small appendices of magmatic rocks extruded from a larger magma body lying at greater depth (Fig. A wealth of geologic and isotopic evidence demonstrates that metals (e.g.

Cu, Mo, Au, Zn, Pb) and sulphur found at PCD crustal levels (i.e., 1–5 km depth) originate from degassing magma bodies (plutons) emplaced at 5–15 km depth.

Although there are more than 540 described species of Anoplura and despite the potential economical and medical implications of sucking louse infestations, this study represents the first attempt to examine higher-level anopluran relationships using molecular data.

In this study, we use molecular data to reconstruct the evolutionary history of 65 sucking louse taxa with phylogenetic analyses and compare the results to findings based on morphological data.


Finding new porphyry deposits is essential because they are our largest source of copper and they also contain other strategic metals including gold and molybdenum.

We also estimate divergence times among anopluran taxa and compare our results to host (mammal) relationships.


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