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Stake leaders who use these accounts should stop using them and specify a different email address at org.

If leaders have important email messages or contacts in those accounts, they should save them before those accounts are disabled at the end of 2016.

Except entering these email addressed one by one manually, is there any quick tricks to copy these email addresses to the To/CC/BCC sections of Outlook email message?

Convert email addresses in Excel to Outlook message with formula Convert email addresses in Excel to Outlook message with Word Convert email addresses in Excel to Outlook message with Kutools for Excel Tip: In the formula, J1 is the email cell you use, you can change it as you need.

To use this method, you'll need to have access to a third email address (one that isn't in use in Smartsheet). To transfer a paid subscription, follow the steps outlined in the Transferring a Paid Subscription help article to change the email address.

To improve communications, the Church is consolidating the number of email addresses used by Church systems that communicate with members and leaders.

The merge option is for merging together two accounts that exist for the same person on your profile.



But since your contacts, calendar etc are already stored in outlook.pst, it is better to select Outlook - Inbox as it will save time on backing up files (See last figure below). Once you have selected the folder you wish, click OK. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for each email account inbox you want to combine. Close the Account Settings window Following the above procedure, you can close the additional files that were created by MS Outlook for different email accounts that you have now combined – as the new mail will be delivered to the folder you selected in step 5.A notice sent to LDS leaders August 30 asked leaders to set their preferred email address by signing in to org and selecting Contact Settings.


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