Colin ferguson felicia day dating

For the next few episodes, Carter and Holly are inseparable — which angers one Douglas Fargo.

Heartbroken and just plain mad, Fargo finally cracks.

(This is in contrast to the other residents of Eureka, who, being stereotypical scientists, tend to over-complicate things and get lost in minutiae).

He was married to Allison, and they rekindled their relationship in the second season.

has given us sixty-four episodes full of nerdgasms, geeky romances, and science-infused humor.

Now that it’s in its final season, aren’t we all dying to know how it’s going to end? In case this last season disappoints, we’ve come up with the best ways to tie up all the loose ends on So, where did the Astraeus disappear to?

Now more than two and a half months since the event, this post is way over due.

At the start of Eureka’s fourth season, Carter, Dr. They managed to make it back to the present day, but to an alternate timeline where things are not all quite the same.

Felicia is a fairly petite woman so we’re shocked she was able to keep her pregnancy a secret for all of 2016.


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