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Tong-ri Canyon is deeply incised up to the major knickpoint of the Mi-in Falls.

Here, the rock-cut strath terraces can be divided into two groups: the farther upstream part of the Tong-ri area (Site-1) was dated to 5.5 ± 0.5 ka, equivalent to the incision rate of 0.26 mm/yr, and the downstream part of the Tong-ri area (Site-5) was dated to 18.5 ± 1.8 ka, equivalent to the incision rate of 0.23 mm/yr.

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With the home side needing to overcome a 4-1 scoreline, FC Seoul began the match with three forwards on the field including tournament top scorer Adriano, Dejan Damjanovic and Park Chu-young as Hwang Sun-hong honoured his commitment to play an attacking side.

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The Osip-cheon River flows along a linear valley that runs approximately parallel to the Osip-cheon Fault.

Thus, it is suggested that the Osipcheon River is a kind of subsequent stream that follows the weakened fault-line in the center of the basin.

To determine the fluvial incision rate as an equivalent to the rate of local tectonic uplift, samples for cosmogenic 10Be dating and OSL dating were collected from the surfaces of strath terraces at two different areas along the Osip-cheon River. The fluvial incision rate was determined by dividing the height of the terraces above the river by their respective ages.

Given the active upstream migration of the knickpoint (Mi-in Falls) found in the upper reach of the river, the incision rate provided by the ages of the strath terraces in the Tong-ri Canyon should be higher than that for any other reach of the river.


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