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The case was reported widely, calling attention to the effects of China’s rapid urbanization — and one-child policy — on the aging population, as younger adults have flocked from rural villages for jobs in the country’s huge cities.At the end of 2011, the Chinese population aged 60 and older was estimated at 185 million (about half were reported to live apart from their children).A month ago, under China’s new law dictating that all adult children have to go home and visit their elderly parents "frequently," a woman in Wuxi was ordered by a local court to see her 77-year-old mother, who had sued her for neglect.The ruling: visits every two months, plus financial support.So this odd new law is aimed at a very real problem: the rapidly declining Chinese extended family.As policy, it’s controversial — how do you legislate family love and loyalty, and what is it worth in yuan?Will the law backfire, making children resent their parents instead?


Originally developed by Tencent in 2011, it has grown a mass number of users annually.Besides networking, its services include video calls, group chat, shake functions and payment functions.


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