Brett micheals who is he dating liquidating dividend tax

"I know it sounds brutal, but he may have run out of time," said the rock star. "I think he owes her a heart-felt apology." What do you think of Michael's stance?

"When the show was coming to an end, I wanted more time with Jess and Heather. It sucked because it forced me to make a decision that night." Though Michaels feels Mesnick deserves credit for coming clean, he also believes that the could stand to learn some break-up etiquette. I would have done it completely privately — and my show is only about dating.

and even blamed him for the mishap at the Tony Awards, claiming he "missed his mark."Michaels is suing for unspecified damages.

Bret Michaels, famed Poison rocker and star of the VH1 show "Rock Of Love", just can't make his engagement stick.

It really upped my game and made me pretty mature at a young age, but then I think in the long run it built my character.

Parents: How did you explain diabetes and how you take care of yourself to your daughters? Bret Michaels: From the time they were three or four my little girls have tested my blood.

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"Although the couple have separated they remain great friends and are committed to jointly raising their two daughters," a statement released by Michaels' rep said. After an exhaustive search for love on his VH1 reality series, he came close with a girl named Jes, but that fell through when everyone realized he had feelings for party girl Heather.

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