Best dating place in cebu city

Take the jeep around the city and indulge in street eats like balut, kwek-kwek, and siomai sa Tisa. Take your sweetheart out for ice cream or merienda. Katrina Ditan Growing up in a house of good cooks and even better eaters, Katy has developed a palate for hearty dishes.

It will be a fun way to spend the day together, picking out your dream house with your dream guy. The city lights and cool mountain air make for a cozy, intimate date.

Scape Skydeck is only a few hundred meters away from Marcelo Fernan Bridge, at the roof deck of Azon Residences on M. You can indulge in a wide variety of pasta choices, such as Pasta Bolognese, Algio Olio, or Truffle Carbonara, or in some grilled dishes, such as US Prime Beef Angus Rib Eye or Grilled French-Cut Pork Chops.

Scape Skydeck also has an impressive selection of beverages, both imported and local, from Bailey’s and Jose Cuervo to Hennessey and Corona. Scape Skydeck is open from 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 12am.

You could also take the bus and go south to visit all the churches in each town. For more information about places to go, check out Even if you’re not really in the market, go and check them out! A skateboard park, inflatable zone, 600 square meters of bazaar space and a stage for the marquee show are also among the features of the park. Learning something new is always exciting, and it’s free! Bring a bottle of wine and enjoy the view from the top together.

Take the jeepney to art galleries, museums, or any heritage spot where you can take loads of photos together. Check the classifieds for great deals on cars or real estate. James Amusement Park at the North Reclamation Area. There are fun rides and cute prizes your man can win for you. Being in a relationship is not only about sharing your toothbrush. Teach your girl how to drive a stick, and maybe she can teach you how to give a really good foot rub! Cebu is famous for its beaches, but that’s not the only way to enjoy its beauty. You can pack some sandwiches or make a quick & hearty macaroni salad.

In dining, we’d like to appreciate our surroundings as much as the taste of the cuisine served on our tables.


The al fresco dining area is perfect for candle light dinners and drinking wine!

It’s already February and you know what time it is?


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