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Bengaluru women prefer tall men; Delhi ladies swoon at a sense of humour; and Mumbai lasses like their men twinkle-toed.These are just a taste of the details gleaned from the various dating apps used by women (and men) across the country to find love, friendship, or simply the next booty call.According to their trends, male doctors are the most sought-after.Women over the age of 30 have a high affinity with engineers and MBA degree-holders.I’m 23 and have just ended a six month relationship. I’ve just been promoted at work to a post where there’s a lot of travel.All of this has made me realise I do want a physical relationship but with no strings. In order to help you think about what possibilities are open to you I’ve listed a number of questions for you to reflect on.

Stern warnings are given that a one night stand could easily end in an STI or being harmed by your partner.The dating app Woo, which has the 'Tag Search' feature, found that 31 per cent of Bengaluru's female users usually look for men who are 'great listeners', while 27 per cent of them need a prospective mate to be 'liberal at heart'.


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