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My father, born and raised in China, and I (born and raised in the United States), had very different ideas of attractiveness in a women -- both Asians and Caucasians.He typically preferred women with a delicate/petite/slender appearance -- both in build, body type, and facial structure.I, with rather more American tastes, prefer women with more curves, more muscle, a bit of a tan, a more striking appearance, and with a bolder demeanor.It was the topic of many a debate: he would protest that the actresses I crushed on were too manly for him, while I would tell him those that he liked were boring-looking women who looked like they would shatter if you hugged them too hard.As another example, the writer Mark Salzman, who taught English in China in the 1980s, recalls how, asking his students how they liked the film Tess D' Urbervilles, his astonishment when a common complaint was that the heroine, as played by Natassja Kinski, was not very good looking.



You should know that Western standards of beauty, particularly Western standards of beauty for women of Asian descent, can be rather different from Asian standards of beauty of women of Asian descent.

There are many similarities between Japan, an advanced post-industrial society, and the western countries in general.


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