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This is the Norfolk, Massachusetts community web page and on-line newsletter.It is not run for profit, we're not selling anything; we just hope you find the information useful.Only someone who has plunged your depths and finds you amazing, special, and wonderful can offer this level of validation.There may be people you have dated who feel as though they love you, but in your opinion, they don’t you.


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We had a long conversation, he asked for my number and he texted me the next day.


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    James Hutton, a physician-farmer and one of the founders of the science of geology, wrote in 1788, “The result, therefore, of our present inquiry is, that we find no vestige of a beginning, — no prospect of an end.” Although this may now sound like an overstatement, it nicely expresses the tremendous intellectual leap required when geologic time was finally and forever severed from the artificial limits imposed by the length of the human lifetime.

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    It is up to the individual to imbibe these in order to become a good person and to lead a happy life.

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    It is believed to be correct at the time of inputting and is presented here in good faith.

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    Mixed marriages between Christians and non-Christians began to be permitted on Cyprus after the sanctioning of marriages registered by government agencies, for which, as opposed to church marriages, differences in religion do not serve as an obstacle.

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