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) printables you are going to create magazine pages that you can insert into her favorite magazine. The idea is you’re a lucky man baring it all to a reporter – about your hot wife.

Yes, I know that’s surprising but let me say it again… (HOT MOMS – if you happen to see this, scroll down to the very bottom for a little tip for you!

Your wife has broken all scandalous records to be named “One Hot Mom!

” Within these pages you are going to brag about how sexy your wife is, how amazing she is in the bedroom, and how she’s the vixen of your dreams!

Maybe if you added up all the first dates I'd ever gone on in my whole life, you'd come up with something close to this number. Whatever your results, I think a date with you is worth a million bucks. Next You'll Be Telling Me Santa Claus Isn't Real!

So I'm going to go ahead and say this is not the most accurate determination ever, and certainly not cause for concern among any blue-eyed redheads with doctorates, but....that's probably not going to stop me from adding "Perfect Woman" to my resume, my Linked In profile, my non-couples Facebook page, and obviously, my online dating profile. Should we turn the tables and discuss which of this qualities we'd like in a man?

I'm so honored to receive this title, but what I really care about is world peace. However, unless you're really into auctioning off your quality time, you might not be their target demographic. Nonetheless, I was interested to learn what qualities made 5,000 New York men willing to pay more for a date with their "perfect woman", and I was especially interested when the results revealed that evidently, I am perfect. Most Desirable Hair Color*Brunette Hair ( 7.91)Blonde Hair ( 5.16)Black Hair ( 2.84)Red Hair ( 9.15)Other ( 5.72)*Most Desirable Eye Color Brown Eyes ( .22)Blue Eyes ( .57)Green Eyes ( .19)Hazel Eyes ( 43.68)Other ( .94)Most Desirable Vice (Drinking)Social Drinker ( 20.73)Casual Drinker ( 18.11)Non-Drinker ( 14.35)__Most Desirable Vice (Smoking)__Non-Smoker ( 19.05)Casual Smoker ( 16.60)Regular Smoker ( 9.87)Most Desirable Education Master's Degree ( 32.34)Doctorate Degree ( .48)Bachelor's Degree ( .62)Associate's Degree ( .93)High-School Diploma ( .29)So, as a non-smoking, social drinking brunette with brown eyes, who holds a master's degree (technically, I'm not sure that's what you'd call a J. Whoa: New Dating Website Basically Helps You Dream a Man Into Life!

But there was a study was done by Whats Your, a dating auction website we've talked about before. I got a surprising lack of attention and expensive dates considering I'm soooo awesome according to the following the rankings of "desirable qualities," and their spending increase.



I had been a member of for three years with no problems.

This scam aims to either charge you for bogus software and/or obtain your personal information.


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