Album art not updating

Thanks Hi, Indeed there's been a change in the last update regarding album artwork handling for songs placed in the same folder.

The new behavior is the following: the image will only apply to songs that have a defined album tag.

Weird thing is that only SOME of the songs/albums dont have the artwork….others do.

Is there any setting I need to adjust, or anything I can do to ensure the artwork comes across when I drag & drop?

When I change MP3s, (Windows Media Player running this time), sometimes the cover stays stuck still on the cover of (A), sometimes it displays the good one.


Now, it seems to not load from the jpg file at all--well that's not entirely true--it loaded a handful, but not most. I have gone to settings\manage apps\all\media storage and cleared data, all to no avail. So I have the Burmester sounds system in my 2015 c300.


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